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We finally get our hands on the all-electric Nissan Leaf and Bradley takes it for a test drive. This EV is packed with convenient technology that makes the jump to electric a bit less intimidating -- but, best of all, no tailpipe!

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I believe that electric vehicles will become a viable alternative to fossil fueled vehicles only after they are powered by a fuel cell running on hydrogen. It will happened but requires much more R&D on fuel cells. It would also require the complete hydrogen based infrastructure to be created. The cost of that would be trillions.

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Some facts of why this is great:
1) It takes 7KWH to produce one gallon of gas. Factor in the transportation and pollution generated as part of that process and you would see why EV is the best approach.
2) Oil is still being subsidized. If we removed those subsidies then your cost of a gallon of gas would be 4.50 to 5 bucks a gallon. So, if you don't want EVs to get a tax rebate then lets take away your subside for gas.
3) The Leaf takes 1/3 the energy to go one mile than any petrol fueled vehicle. More efficient is better.
4) The Leaf is over 98% recyclable, unlike your petrol vehicles.
5) We are passed the world peak oil point. Gas will go up once we get out of this recession. When gas hits $5/gallon I can't wait to hear all the SUV owners squealing like stuck pigs.
6) Get rid of our need for so much oil and we get rid of the need for being involved in the mid-east or Venezuela and sending money to terrorist states.
7) Gas engine technology is so last century. Now we need to advance the grid and having EVs will help load balance that grid.
8) Total pollution coming from a coal-fired utility that is charging an EV is much less than what it takes to supply gas and drive a gas vehicle. Studies have shown this. Let's clean up our environment and go EV.
9) EV are much simpler and maintenance costs are dramatically less than a gas powered vehicle.
10) Battery technology will improve and costs will go down. Even if you spent your battery pack in your EV the batteries can still be used as backup storage for a home solar panel system for another 10 years.

hmmm, makes no sense to keep driving a gas vehicle to me.

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VW 4-Life

Just curious...I know everyone is using the "100 mile range" benchmark for this car; but here in the heavily congested, nothing but stop & go, major highways under construction 6 months out of the year Chicago area, I wonder. On some commutes, it can take me over an hour of gas/brake to move just 10 miles. Since I imagine the heaviest strain on the car's electrical reserves is acceleration from a dead stop, how many of these stop and go cycles would drain the batteries in well under 100 miles? I can imagine a 100 mile range in "normal" conditions, but nothing about our traffic here is ever normal.

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Nice to know how well it drives, but somewhere in that five minute video, couldn't he have talked about the feel of the interior of the car, i.e. seat comfort, I'm 6'2", will i fit in OK, hows the back seat, rear storage? Does the car feel solid, when you close the door does it remind you of a toy or a real car? & as others point out unless you use solar or wind power to recharge, your just move the emissions to a different pipe.

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Electric cars are ok for gulf cart,etc , but the Grid will not be able to handle wide spread use of electric cars, it barely can keep up now. also try going on along 1000 mi trip with one , You will not be happy with it! they would be fine for local travel, but are not worth the effort if they cost more than 4 or 5 thousand dollars We need CHEAP Transportation, And Cheap energy , thats the Key to Prosperity. Any thing less will raise the cost of liveing Making all of us Poorer. Look At China, They beat us at our own Game, How dumb Can we be!!!?

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James Salz

I ordered a Leaf 6 months ago. The more I read about it the better it soounds. Having the extended battery warranty just adds another strong plus. I can't wait to get it in December. Has anyone in Los Angeles had the inspection for the home recharging unit?

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Jimmy G.

Boys and Girls; My 30mpg convertable (6cyl) has an indicator which reflects how many miles I can drive before running out of gas. (What a surprize!) I don't believe you can stop at the next gas station, in your "LEAF","fill'er up" (in a few minutes), and continue on your trip......Perhaps those "great minds" at NASA could be gainfully employed solving this problem for our nation. Until then, the "LEAF" belongs on the golf course.

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Immanuel Altmann

Amen Danny O'donnell, vote, register and vote, free market could easily sort it out without the "political" tax rebate bias coming through. Here I hear all about BP and just bad oil... Well, come up with something equal or close in specs and lower the price for the masses, like the Model T (how did you think Ford started?), and if something is for the masses is developed, it needs to be cheap and easily manageable, like the Model "T". Seems like the hybrid concepts work better. Price wise, each tax payer is supporting this experiment whether they want to or not (If you want an American car, look at the Fiesta Hybrid coming out, it's small and thrifty and bet it'll cost less too. 2 other models can also be considered, the American models cost more, but is more flexible and also very similar to a hybrid. PS buyers look at least to the Prius, liberals quit throwing away other people's money. Remember to vote, let's make this a november to remember.

August 05 2010 at 8:56 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Danny O\'Donnell

Nobody wants this damn thing. Good comment about the Volt..lmao..$41,000 is the price of the Volt and ol Barry is gonna "give" us $7,500 to buy "IF" it were the answer the "free-market" THATS RIGHT I SAID IT!! The free market whats left of it, this car couldnt be made fast enough! Only "they" (and you know who they are) want "us" the "masses" to have to drive this road-ready-golf-cart! 40 miles on a charge, THEN when you run "out" flip it over to the gas engine that can take you 300 or more usual the "know whats best for all of us crowd" has it backwards.. the "limo-libs" really crack me up with all thier "marxisim" NOVEMBER! KNOW IT! LIVE IT! IF YOU LIKE IT,OR DONT LIKE IT! LEARN TO LOVE IT! Because we the lowly "masses" know this is our last chance to correct the mistake that was made....AND "WE" THE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO VOTE YOU BASTARDS OUT OF OFFICE! I said it, I meant it, and I'm here to represent it. Danny O'Donnell (a pissed off voter)
ps. I wont respond to any of you libs smarmy remarks because I dont give a damn what you have to say, we've heard enough from you, NOVEMBER!

August 04 2010 at 12:40 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
Cecil B. DeMille

I can't wait to go green to reduce my carbon footprint so Al Gore can build another 20,000 sq. When I need a charge what's the cool thing to do while waiting 4 hours at a charging station?? When I trade my car in they won't charge me for worn out batteries will they?? Oh and by the way how do I dispose of my worn out batteries?? I guess it won't be a problem like the screwy light bulbs my wife bought last year. But it's all worth it to solve global warming...the head honcho at climategate who fudged data and tried to commit suicide is back at work I trust,once again giving us accurate readings for climatechange we can believe in. It's tough being green!!!!!

August 04 2010 at 11:37 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply


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