You are here: TRANSLOGIC 20: Chevy Volt Test Drive
We finally get our chance behind the wheel of the much anticipated Chevrolet Volt. Bradley hits the test track at GM's top secret proving grounds to see what Chevy's new electric ride is made of.

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I'm a fan of Chevy, but not so much the Volt. I just test drove the 2012 Chevy Cruze at a local dealership and was really impressed. I think the Cruze is the bes sedan Chevy offers right now.

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The electric car incentive applies to ALL electric cars, not just the Volt. Its not a made for GM incentive and I didn't hear you complaining when tens of thousands of Toyotas were purchased partially because they qualified for hybrid incentives. Why is it everyone has a problem with electric car tax rebates only when a Chevy qualifies? I supposed you only approve of subsidies when they benefit cars imported from Japan.

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Excellent point John:
"This is so stupid,when a company could use the John Searl generator. On Youtube shows a in wheel motor. that can replace engines all together. There is no plugging in to anything."

But, better yet, 1n 1962 George Jetson had a car that could fly and I don't remember it needing any re-fuleing. Rut-Ro John, better get your head out of your ass.

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This is so stupid,when a company could use the John Searl generator. On Youtube shows a in wheel motor. that can replace engines all together. There is no plugging in to anything.

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Don't give a damn about the Volt, I clicked on to read about 'GM's Secret Test Track' like the article headline led me to believe. TRANSLOGIC / GM Bullshit instead.

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John Comer

I am all for this type of vehicle. I am also a Chevy man. Most importantly; I am a technical trouble-shooter. I thrive on scrutinizing a piece of machinery and correcting it's flaws. No matter how fine it is; improvements can be made. I'm never satisfied with good. "Good, Better, Best; Never let it rest; 'Till your Good is Better; And your Better is Best." Then we start again. The world changes daily. We have to keep-up. We have to work harder to get ahead. We have to understand more than our product. Our pride comes only from need. Our product must support the consumer needs; or it won't support ours. If we give them our best; they will support us. If we change as their needs change; they will be there. If the product changes with the flow of the consumers needs; it will grow. Engineers can create great things. They can only be refined by the needs of the consumer. There must be an interface to connect them. That would be me. I've done it for years in the name of a job; just to feed my family. I won't continue to give my services to others at my expense. Read this over and over. I'ts your dime. I'm cheap. Just trying to survive. I can make your difference. Contact me. I'm allways here.

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Ray Brown

We seem to have a lot of naysayers out there?

We have to do something to get out from under the Jack Boot oil companies and the Middle East.

Don't any of you realize that there will be energy wars in the future,"real wars that kill people". Worse than at present.

At this time any country that dose not have fossil fuel can become extinct in a very short period of time.

I cannot believe that the world seems so short sighted, we need the best scientific minds joined together to scratch out the beginnings of energy independence for all of mankind.

On that note why is not the better part of the roof,hood and trunk made of solar type panels that can be recharging the battery pack while the car is sitting or moving during day light hours?

China has been successfully using battery powered motor scooters and bicycles for a number of years, and I think China has about 15 nuclear reactors in the building and planing stages. While China dose something we in the U.S. discuss Al Cores carbon credits!

Wake up America and do something other than support your local oil companies and the oil cartels that tend to be dictatorial in nature.

Forget Obama his lips only move and he dose little.

We the American people need to get off the energy dime..............

We are one of the most inventive societies in the world, lets get to work!

Thanks G.M. for stepping up to the plate.

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Never mind the pavement--What's with the $40,000 price tag on the volt? I wasn't as mad as a lot of people when G.M. was bailed out, partly because I expected that to help offset costs on this new car. I would be willing to pay more for a Volt than a Jap model, but that sounds awful steep to me.

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Abu Bradley II

Dear Sir or Madam,
Why does the car have to be dependent upon a charging station? Why not set the vehicle to take advantage of the energy it already creates through utilization. It would also decrease the cars dependence on gas. This is possible by having the car set to recharge from the spinning of the wheels similar to a wind mill. There would need to be a unit installed to regulate the charge so that it stops charging once the battery is full. It would also be useful to have it set to charge once the battery is half way full so that it would generate the very energy that it would latter need to utilize. That would truly be a green forward looking vehicle.
Abu-M. Bradley II

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