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Back in August, we were thrilled to take a near-production version of the Chevy Volt for a spin around GM's top secret proving grounds. Now that the Volt is for sale, it's time to test this revolutionary extended-range EV in the real world.
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Seems like he had to charge up at every stop. Was that necessary? How far can it go with a full charge and what is the plug in to electrical outlet? What type of gas is recommended? What is amount of gallons to fill up. If it has a recharger built in why plug it in? Is it a three prong to a regular 16v outlet? If so, for how many hours does it need to charge. He should have covered all this and he didn't. Bad info on car specs.

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Depending on the weather (the heater is the biggest drain on the battery) ~32-42 miles (although some have managed 50+).

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Will charge on regular house current with included portable charger. Recommended premium gas, tank capacity is 9 gallons. Charge time 10-11 hours (full charge) on 110v, 4-5 hours 240v.

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Charles House

Life is good and better with age. I am enjoying life and love a great ride on my motorcycle. Everybody should give that a try. Have a great day.

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Pricing, my dear motorists, pricing. The average owner/driver is not going to shell out $40,000 plus for a compact car, in addition to the $1500 or so to have a 220 v chargeing system installed in his/her garage. Oh, you say you don't have a garage, but instead live on the 26th floor of a high-rise apartment? Simple, just get this very long extension cord and hang it out your window. Then, every morning, you can take the elevator down to your car, unplug the cord, take the elevator back up to your apartment, reel in the 300 feet of extension cord, take the elevator back down to your car, and drive to work. All this can be simplified by living in a ground-level apartment, of course. Seriously, though, what is the advantage of the Volt over the Prius which warrants the much higher price? The Prius simply relies on its installed battery-pack, kept charged by the conventional gasoline engine. No need to plug it in every night.

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Pricing, my dear motorists. The average driver will be reluctant to shell out the $40,000 plaus for a compact car, especially when he has to install a 220 volt chargeing station (for optimal chargeing) in his garage. Oh, you don't have a garage, but live on the 26th floor of a high-rise apartment? Simple, just get this very long extension cord and hang it out the window. But, seriously, what is gained by the Volt as opposed to the Prius? The latter does not have plug-in chargeing capability, but simply relies on the installed battery-pack, augmented by a conventional gasoline engine.

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Not all vehicles are optimal choices for all people. A 3/4 ton long bed pickup isn't th best choice for your hypothetical shopper either, that doesn't mean Ford shouldn't build one. $40k is a high price of entry, but the lease deal is pretty affordable.

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Drove a Volt in Orlando Florida at a GM employee and retirees show and was greatly impressed with the car. It was very fast, quiet and comfortable. It would be a perfect car for short and intermediate trips. Last summer I was passed by a Volt on I-75 in Michigan and I was doing more than the speed limit. Beautiful and functional.
Thanks GM.
Hope GM gets the production capacity up so the waiting list shortens.

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Not very impressed. Seems like a good scooter for 3-5 mile trips where you don't have to be paranoid about how many minutes you have left before your stranded on the side of the road. I bet the towing industry is licking their chops. Even though this is a "hybrid" and a gas auxiliary is available, I don't think many trips over 100 miles will be made by this joke. Besides, anything that smells of Washington, DC doesn't interest me. I never was a Ford admirer until our illustrious leader was openly shunned by the most successful auto maker in America and they made it on their own. My next auto will be a Ford product!

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I don't think you have very good information about the Volt and how it works! If you have gas in the car you would never have to tow it unless it is broken since it will get 34 mpg when using gas. If you only need to drive 35 miles a day you would never need to fill it up and I for one will buy one the day it becomes available in Colorado,

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I always ask myself "Why would I want to do business with a company that begins our relationship on a lie?" Here AOL & GM have teamed up to produce both an article and a headline that indicate this is a review of a product. When you waste your time actually looking at the clip you find out you have been bamboozeled into watching an ad. There is no real information to be had, only glowing reports presented by a stellar member of the target audience. A young, purportedly "hip" spokesmodel with no engineering bona fides presented. What is fascinating is the car doesn't even pass it's own low testing standards. It reverts to gas. It's kind like asking someone to jump over the limbo stick, they fail, and then proudly announce they couldn't do it! I simply don't deal with companies that begin our relationship with a lie. This "article" is no better than the unknown penny stock salesman who lies to your secretary about knowing you so she will put you through and begin his spiel. Why would I want to deal with someone whose product is so crappy they have to lie to sell it?

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KV37 the problem here is you brainless brainless brainless! Lets see he did all that running around and used virtually NO gas. Gm puts out the best cars in the world and the better thing is you dont get killed in them like another make I wont mention. And for those that wil scream they were cleared of any problems. WRONG!!!!!!! The only thing that was cleared is that the computers on their cars dont have a code to throw for whats wrong so of course that would be cleared. Ill take my GM vehicle and ONstar ANYDAY.. Ill be passing you by and let you sit there KV and other nay sayers about gm while you try to explain where you are to a tow truck. Gm made 1 HUGE mistake And I wish they hadnt. ending the EV1 program. Lets remember who was the FIRST auto company to come out with a hybrid? GM! Nothing any of you say will change that fact.And as for Gm supposedly not building cars that last. I just met a guy today with a suburban 380000 miles and no problems ever! MY dads chevy truck had 270000 on it when it was totalled in a wreck. and finally my camaro I had hit 389000 and I finally sol dit and its still going. Its sad some of you must lie. GM is number 1 and always will be. Hope you have your will ready when you put your family in that foreign death trap some of you drive. I HATE ford but Id buy one of those over a foreign pos! Truth hurts you not me:)

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Everyone knows GM is nothing but talk, talk, talk.

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This car is only the beginning of America's reduction as to the reliance on foreign oil as a means of a fuel source. It will take time and refinement. Be patient, and wait for additional fuel sources to develop. It won't happen overnight as we all desire. These adjustments to popular use take time and consideration. Base your future purchase decisions on evidence not opinion. Research. Learn. Investigate. If you have an educated opinion, then share American until further notice.....everyone HERE wins that way.

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