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Many public transportation advocates point to Europe for their well organized subway and train systems, but Parisians have taken things a step further. Introducing Paris's Vélib' bike-sharing and Autolib' electric vehicle-sharing programs. Now you can get around the city on both, without having to own either.
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dont dont dont need to pay bike parking meter,
bike parking is always free free anywhere

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ride the bike is better,
why why need to pay bike parking meter for,
damn DONT need to pay bike parking meter,
that is so greeeedy and stupid system

March 21 2012 at 3:17 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
LBJ's Love Child

Why does "it work"? How many motor-vehicle trips are saved? Who's paying for it? What does it cost per user? Real numbers, please, not Press release 'expectations'.

More real, hard info, please. As this stands, it's just a fluff piece.

March 20 2012 at 2:34 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply
1 reply to LBJ's Love Child's comment

* It works because the system is big enough and the city is dense enough. Between 60,000 (winter) and 120,000 (summer) trips are made each day!
* Those figures are hard to find, but what's sure is that the same number of public transport + motor-vehicule is saved.
* JCDecaux is paying for it in exchange of being able to use some public space for advertisement. The subscription fees go mostly to the city of Paris, which represents about 17 millions $ for last year.
* Every user is given 30 minutes free for each rental, subscription options are 2,25$/day, 9,25$/week, 38,5$/year (51,5$/year for 45 minutes free instead of 30). After 30 free minutes, the price of every half-hour is first 1,35$, then 2,65$, then 5,30$ for each half-hour (yes it's expensive, but the system is aimed to be an option to move from A to B, not to visit the city on a bike day trip)

March 20 2012 at 3:28 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Thanks for this nice video :)

Just a few corrections :
* There's not 20,000 bikes and 1,800 Vélib' stations (official figures are wrong), but 18,000 bikes and 1,200 Vélib stations (which still makes it the biggest bike share scheme in Europe)
* JCDecaux didn't really "decide" to team up with the city of Paris: the city decided to launch a request for proposal regarding the use of the advertisement spaces in exchange of a bike sharing system. ClearChannel initially won the RFP, but JCDecaux appealed the decision and ended up winning the second round. There will be a new RFP in 2016, the current market ending in 2017 :)

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Hi, Thanks for showing us this! Did you know a similar type of program is offered in Montreal, Canada, however the cars aren't electric.

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