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Volkswagen XL1: TRANSLOGIC 150
How do you build the world's most fuel-efficient production car? Start with the world's most aerodynamic design. The Volkswagen XL1 is capable of 261 miles per gallon thanks to its sleek shape and ultra efficient plug-in diesel hybrid powertrain. The downside is that only 250 will be made and none will be sold stateside. That didn't stop us from taking our turn behind the wheel of this truly revolutionary ride.
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SInce the car gets 260 mpg which is 10 times more than a lot of cars, why eliminate the sideview mirrors, and put the passenger in a staggered position relative to the driver? What would it have cost in terms of MPGs to have made it more like a normal car? 2 or 3 miles less at the most? Ridiculous.Also, why use magnesium instead of aluminum? This car is a staggeringly wasteful use of materials.

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Wasn't designed for America? Nobody in America or their right mind would buy a car for this price just to save gas. A Toyota Prius C gets 50+ MPG at under $20K. You couldn't get a 50+ year payback on this VW. I would give Americans more credit than to fall for this p-poor investment.

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All you tree-hugging liberals take note - because you wanted regulations and control of business we now cannot have access to this vehicle.

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If Big Oil only cares about profits rather than the destruction they cause to our Earth and drinking water,we should seriously consider driving electric cars and converting to solar/Wind technologies ASAP!

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A major problem with these super efficient cars is they are slow, especially when it comes to acceleration.
But I solved that problem more than a decade ago with supercapictors.

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This hot so amazing

April 16 2014 at 3:31 AM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

Where the H*** is Al (The sky is falling ) Gore??? Why not in the USA?? ford had a Fiesta diesel hybrid that got over 90 MPG. We imported the fiesta, but we couldn't manage to import the diesel hybid version. Hmmmm! It does make one wonder what is going on.

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I remember back in the 1960's reading about a carburetor that got 70 mpg but was squashed by BIG AUTO and BIG GAS.
as always he with the most money wins

April 14 2014 at 6:00 PM Report abuse rate up rate down Reply

This is crazy! Who in their right mind would pay this kind of money to drive a car like this? It's all about payback. If there were a car that got 1000 MPG and cost $1,000,000 what good would it due. The Toyota Prius C can get over 50 MPG and cost under $20,000. I've seen as high as 83 MPG for a single trip but few and far between. On the other hand I can drive drive 350 miles at 60 to 70 MPH and get 50 MPH all day long. I would like to see someone top this.

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NEVER happen here , the government would lose too much in fuel tax . I jave a jetta diesel , 50MPG and 334K on it . Yet in NY , they would not allow the car to be sold in 2004 and 2005 . Government is the problem .

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