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TRANSLOGIC is your destination for the latest in transportation technology, including developments in mass transit, green technology, electric vehicles, concept cars and the future of transportation. Check our episode archive for the latest videos and our blog for regular news updates.

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Adam Morath is the Creator, Executive Producer and Blog Editor of TRANSLOGIC, an award-winning transportation technology video series featured on AOL Autos. As Multimedia Director of AOL Autos, Adam has also served as Executive Producer of DIY Garage, Techsplanations and Autoblog's The List, among other video productions. Before joining AOL, Adam created original videos and photography for Winding Road Magazine.

Adam is an MBA candidate at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business and a graduate of the University of Michigan’s School of Art and Design. As a native metro-Detroiter, Adam enjoys rooting for his hometown sports teams and sailing the Detroit river. Adam resides in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., with his wife and their dog.

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Christopher McGraw was born and raised in the Detroit area. Coming from a family of autoworkers, Christopher has always had a passion for two things: cars and filmmaking. After graduating with a degree in Film and Video Production from Grand Valley State University, he spent time traveling the country shooting videos for Ferrari, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Buick.

Christopher joined AOL in 2013. In addition to regularly contributing to the TRANSLOGIC blog, Christopher serves as an Associate Multimedia Producer for AOL Autos, creating original video content for AOL's automotive sites. When he is away from his camera, Christopher enjoys hiking, fishing, and kayaking in his home state of Michigan.

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