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A company in Bratislava, Slovakia is developing a flying car prototype which seems to have achieved the ultimate dream; a functional road car which can easily transition to a plane.
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How close does the Terrafugia Transition come to fulfilling the Jetsonian promise of a flying car? To Terrafugia CEO Carl Dietrich's own admission, "we usually think of it more as an airplane that has the added capability of driving." Still, the Transition is unlike anything else in the sky or on the road, even if it's not exactly the futuristic flying car that Hanna-Barbera imagined back in the 1960s.
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Terrafugia TF-X

Terrafugia's TF-X flying car will be capable of vertical takeoff and landing

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terrafugia transition flying car

The problem with previous attempts to build a flying car, according to some experts, is that engineers started with a car and tried to morph it into an airplane.
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Terrafugia Transition

A little over a year ago we reported on the Jetsons-esque Terrafugia Transition flying car. Back in June 2010, the vehicle had just gotten past an important FAA regulatory hurdle that allowed it to be certified in the Light Sports Aircraft category. This was a big deal, no question, but for the past year the law has actually permitted only half of the Terrafugia's function.
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David Kiley has the scoop on an amazing development that may finally allow the dream of a flying car to become a reality. While it doesn't mean we have finally begun our transformation into a Jetsons-like society, we hope the Terrafugia is a small first step in getting us to the future we have dreamed about since the dawn of science fiction:
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