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Honda FCX Clarity


Most carmakers like to think that their portfolio of vehicles can meet the needs of most any consumer. But in the case of the electric car, there aren't many choices. Some manufactures have decided to sell range-extended EVs, some started with a white sheet of paper and built an EV from scratch. And then there are those carmakers who chose to repurpose an existing vehicle design for an electric. The Honda Fit EV falls in the latter category.
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In Translogic Episode 1.3, we heard Stephen Ellis, Honda's Fuel Cell Marketing Manager, talk about how hydrogen can be produced using renewable energy. The way he described it, the FCX Clarity sounds like the perfect green car, one with no environmental impact. But to really understand the situation facing any fuel cell-powered car, it helps to understand a bit more about hydrogen.
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Honda's FCX Clarity, TTXGP Motorcycle racing series, jet-powered bicycles, and an Interview with Tesla Motors
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