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Los Angeles

Earth Day and motorsports don't typically go together, but that was the case on Monday when FIA Formula E announced Los Angeles as the 10th host city for the all-electric race series. Set to launch in 2014, the Formula E World Championship will also include races in Miami, London, Rome, Beijing, Putrajaya, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janiero, and two locations yet to be announced.
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Tesla Model X

Earlier this month at Tesla's Los Angeles Design Center, we got a preview of what's next for the Silicon Valley-based EV company. It's called the Model X and, as its successive name would suggest, X is an evolution of S, sharing about 60% of its content with Model S.
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Los Angeles. Known for beautiful people, beautiful weather and ugly traffic.

Over 12 million people live in greater L.A. and nearly everyone drives everywhere. Rush hour for many urban centers are like 8:00 am though 10:00 am or so, and 5:00 to 7:00 in the evening. But L.A. doesn't have rush hour. It has rush day. The whole day. All day. Except on Friday when it's even worse.
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