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Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has made it his business to defend the modern electric vehicle as a viable mode of transit. Tesla's sporty Roadster, the company's first car, debunked the myth that electric cars couldn't be fun. Now Musk is seeking to overcome the notion of "range anxiety" with his Model S sedan and solar-powered Supercharger network. As he announced on Twitter earlier today, Musk plans to personally show how convenient a cross-country trip in a Model S electric car can be.

While some vehicle manufacturers have responded to battery range limitations by adding onboard gas generators to their vehicles, like the the one found on the Chevy Volt or available on the forthcoming BMW i3, Musk has made it clear that Tesla's strategy is gas-free. He points to improvements in charging and battery technologies as the longterm answer, with near-term solutions like rapid battery-swap.

There's little doubt that electric vehicle technology will continue to improve over time, but Musk's planned trip from Los Angeles to New York indicates that the future is now--at least as it pertains to long distance travel in a Model S.

The automaker's strategically located Supercharger stations will apparently enable Musk to charge for only 1.5 hours a day during his 6 day, 3,200 mile trek. As he explains on Twitter, that 1.5 hours will be spent eating or sightseeing. (While we accept the premise that charging could be achieved while taking a rest stop on a long road trip, we question the sort of sightseeing opportunities that can be had within walking distance from Tesla's Supercharger stations.)

Another presumed motivation behind the CEO's all-electric road trip is to negate a contested New York Times report that a Model S broke down during a journalist's test run of Tesla's Supercharger Network.

Whether it's to disprove his critics, dispel perceived myths or simply partake in the great American tradition of the summertime road trips, we imagine we'll hear much more from Musk once he's underway.

TRANSLOGIC 113: 2013 Tesla Model S
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Tesla's claim that its Model S received a record-breaking safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is raising a few eyebrows, with some critics (including NHTSA) claiming the automaker is bending numbers to make its all-electric sedan look like the safest car on the road.
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For a little over a year Tesla and SpaceX visionary Elon Musk has been talking about a revolutionary new way to travel called Hyperloop. Today he announced his designs in a 57-page document, ending months of speculation by the public and media alike.
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Tesla Model S battery swap

Tesla Motors has already revolutionized EV ownership with their award-winning Model S sedan and ever-expanding Supercharger network. Now, the Silicon Valley-based electric vehicle manufacturer is adding another quick charge option for Model S owners and it doesn't involve plugging in their cars.

Tesla announced a new battery swap option for Model S Owners yesterday at their Hawthorn, Calif. design studio.
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It's no secret that our site closely follows every move of Tesla Motors. They have successfully launched an all-electric sports sedan to critical acclaim. They have a stimulating and opinionated CEO that also sends rockets into space. They're bold enough to challenge the pundits and often come out on top. So, while this story has Toyota in its title, it's important to note that the RAV 4 EV wouldn't have been possible without Tesla.
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Ford Evos Concept
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Yesterday, Tesla Motors received a vote of confidence from Wall Street as its shares rose sharply in response to an upgraded status from financial services firm Morgan Stanley. According to our friends at Huffpost Business, the report from Morgan Stanley indicates that the Silicon Valley-based EV manufacturer may be poised to join GM, Ford and Chrysler as "America's fourth automaker" amid rising gas prices and government support of electric vehicles. You can find the full analysis here and a recap of TRANSLOGIC's visit to Tesla's headquarters below.
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What kind of batteries are in a Prius? Why are they different than the ones in the Tesla Roadster? Why is Honda changing the kind of batteries in its hybrid Civic? Thanks to a burgeoning market for hybrids and electric vehicles, batteries are the latest automotive technology to leave consumers scratching their heads.
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Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster drive, Local Motors Rally Fighter, and General Motors Chevy Volt launch rumors.
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In Episode 1.1 of Translogic, we went behind the scenes at Tesla Motors, the upstart electric car manufacturer. While Tesla's revolutionary electric sports car has generated a huge buzz, the big auto companies have two key models of their own set to launch later this year. The Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid and the Nissan Leaf electric both promise owners green bragging rights over even the most sanctimonious Prius driver. Interest among young people is understandably huge, and the marketing campaigns have certainly played to this demographic. But these new cars present their own unique roadblocks to ownership for the typical 20-something.
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