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On the heels of the international debut of their SP:01 EV roadster at the Shanghai Motor Show, Detroit Electric has delivered more news out of China. The recently relaunched electric vehicle company announced today a partnership with Chinese automaker Geely to co-develop EVs for China, with the first vehicles under the new partnership planned for 2014.
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The Nissan Leaf was given modest upgrades for 2013, but more impressive is the price drop. Now starting at $28,800, the Nissan Leaf takes the title as the cheapest 5-seat production EV in America.

How did they do it?
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Commercial fleet vehicles typically have longer lifecycles, meaning they drive around for years with less advanced, less eco-friendly powertrains. ALTe (featured on TRANSLOGIC 102) hopes to change that by retrofitting light duty trucks with electric and plugin hybrid-electric technology.

To help fleet customers understand the benefits of going electric ALTe has created an online tool called under a Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) commitment.
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We might be hearing more of this sound in the future. Nürburgring laps with aural excitement defined only by the wind and tire noise; grippingly peculiar when compared with otherwise typical roaring runs.

You might remember when Audi announced the R8 E-Tron's run on the Nürburgring just a few months ago. Now we have video, with Markus Winkelhock throwing down behind the wheel.
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When it comes to getting around in a wheelchair, options are limited. There are wheelchair-accessible vans, but over that past 10 years the costs to convert a vehicle to accommodate a driver and their chair has gone up to about $80,000. Wouldn't it be great if there was a less bulky, more stylish option for getting around town?
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Minddrive Electric Lotus Esprit

Last year, TRANSLOGIC visited Kansas City for a behind-the-scenes look at Minddrive, an experiential EV eduction program for at-risk youth. After speaking to the students and driving their Project Lola electric car, we knew to expect great things from this passionate group.

So what's next for these amazing kids? On Monday, June 11th, Minddrive kicks off a tour across America dubbed "Electrifying Education Coast To Coast," which seeks to raise awareness (and funds) for the the non-profit organization.

"Kansas City isn't the only city in America where students are slipping through the cracks in the educational system because of socio-economic factors beyond their own control," said Minddrive mentor and co-founder Linda Buchner. "It's an issue in many cities and small towns across the country. We want to show that there is hope for these students by using a different learning model to reach them."

Of course, not just any car would do for this cross-country campaign, so students and mentors at Minddrive have converted a 1977 Lotus Esprit into a full electric vehicle. The plug-in Lotus is said to achieve incredible efficiency through the use of lightweight materials and aerodynamic improvements. The EV Esprit is propelled by 30 Li-ion batteries powering a chain-drive motor.

You can follow the entire trip at Minddrive's Coast-To-Coast 2012 website.
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Vélib', Autolib'

Paris, France's Vélib' bike-sharing and Autolib' EV-sharing programs
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Tesla Model X

Earlier this month at Tesla's Los Angeles Design Center, we got a preview of what's next for the Silicon Valley-based EV company. It's called the Model X and, as its successive name would suggest, X is an evolution of S, sharing about 60% of its content with Model S.
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In this week's episode we got a chance to spend some time with a particularly interesting EV sports car. It's called the Lightning GT and it comes from a startup across the pond called Lightning Car Company. As the name would suggest, this EV supercar puts up some seriously electric numbers.
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DeLorean DMC-EV

It isn't easy to take something from the automotive world's past and bring it into the future, but if you're going to do it, what better candidate than a DeLorean?

The DMC-12 needs no introduction. Its role in the blockbuster hit Back to the Future has made this little gull-winged coupe one of the most recognizable autos in the world, despite its short-lived production run. Now, DeLorean Motor Company of Texas--who acquired all of the original DMC inventory and distribution rights in 1997--hopes to redefine the DMC-12 for the 21st century.
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Ford Focus Electric at Google

It looks like Ford is making new friends in Mountain View. Google received an early holiday present from the Blue Oval to add to their well-known EV fleet. The Focus Electric you see above is actually the first to roll off Ford's completely transformed Michigan Assembly Plant in Wayne, Michigan.
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