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When we first introduced you to the Kenguru wheelchair-accessible EV in 2012, Community Cars founder and CEO Stacy Zoern was still seeking funding for her Texas-based startup. The company was struggling to meet demand due to a lack of capital to purchase inventory. "It's an interesting problem to have as a startup company," explained Zoern. "We can't meet the demand there is out there because we don't have enough money to buy the inventory to build the cars."

Also undetermined was the prospect of a joystick-driven version of the Kenguru, which would broaden the user base of the vehicle beyond the standard handlebar-controlled model that we had the opportunity to drive. Zoern herself was among those anticipating a joystick model, as she told us when we inquired as to the sales timeline for the Kenguru. "Hopefully soon because I need the joystick model to drive, so I'm still waiting," said Zoern.

Now, roughly a year and a half later, it appears the wait may soon be over for Zoern and her customers.

Kenguru announced earlier this week that they would begin to take pre-orders on their B1 and Z1 wheelchair-accessible EV models. The B1 features the motorcycle handlebar steering design that we test drove, whereas the Z1 is controlled by joystick. Both models are powered by a pair of 32 volt AC belt drive motors on the rear-wheels, with a top speed of 25 miles per hour and an estimated range of 45 miles. Charge time for the 2 kWh battery is eight hours.

The B1 has an MSRP of $25,000 and the Z1 will cost $38,500, but those who place a $100 refundable deposit by January 30 will receive 10% off the MSRP, according to the announcement from Kenguru. Official information regarding delivery has yet to be released, but Kenguru anticipates a wait of 12-18 months, according to their Facebook page.

TRANSLOGIC 104: Kenguru Wheelchair-Accessible EV
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Volvo's Electric Road Concept​​

According to Volvo, the future of transportation isn't dependent on improving electric vehicle battery technology, but rather electrifying the roads we're already driving on.
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Public bus systems have changed quite a bit in the past few decades.

In addition to greener powertrains, increasingly popular bus rapid transit lines run more efficiently and often offer "smart," user-friendly features like onboard Wi-Fi and location sharing services.
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Though our world is rapidly becoming more environmentally aware, smog covering many of the largest cities in the world reminds us that pollution is still a problem. Chinese automaker BYD has plans to change that, introducing the first completely electric taxi fleet in Hong Kong this week.
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Detroit Electric Technology badge

On the heels of the international debut of their SP:01 EV roadster at the Shanghai Motor Show, Detroit Electric has delivered more news out of China. The recently relaunched electric vehicle company announced today a partnership with Chinese automaker Geely to co-develop EVs for China, with the first vehicles under the new partnership planned for 2014.
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Epic Torq

We've covered Epic Electric Vehicles before. From their plug-in ski boat, to their emissions-free ATV, Epic seems to offer a vehicle for almost any terrain. Their third installment takes on the open road in open air style: the three-wheeled Epic Torq roadster EV.

"I have some very interesting projects. Some based in efficiency, some based in fun," says Chris Anthony, Founder and CEO of Epic Electric Vehicles. The Torq appears to lean a bit more towards the latter.
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Rinspeed MicroMax EV

Ed. Originally published 12/15. Updates below.

Remember Rinspeed? The Swiss tuner and auto designer known for imaginative concepts will again showcase one of its creations at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.
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The Nissan Leaf was given modest upgrades for 2013, but more impressive is the price drop. Now starting at $28,800, the Nissan Leaf takes the title as the cheapest 5-seat production EV in America.

How did they do it?
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We've seen EVs do some cool things, including awesome burnouts, but this could top them all: an electric monster truck. Before you say there's something wrong with that, consider that this silent crusher has 850 lb-ft of torque.
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GM's Volt-based Cadillac ELR Coupe is headed for production in late-2013

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A123 Systems ev battery

Electric car battery maker A123 filed for bankruptcy today, just a few hours after warning it was about to default on its loans, and will be taken over by auto supplier Johnson Controls.

As a recipient of $249 million in loans from the Obama administration, the company's bankruptcy will no doubt become another embarrassment heading into the November elections. Republicans have already battered the Obama administration for investing $535 million in solar panel maker Solyndra, only to see the company fail just two years after receiving the loan. The company shut its doors and fired all its workers in August 2011.

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BMW's Tech Office in Silicon Valley reflects the startup culture that pervades the region. While BMW provides funding for the space and human costs, the Tech Office's team of engineers and researchers are encouraged to work on big picture projects, even if the results might not have any near-term effect on current production vehicles.
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